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MAILTO: satinwhite.music@gmail.com

THE EVENT IS OVER: WE CONGRATULATE THE LUCKY WINNERS. Find All „Easter Eggs“ And Win One (1) Of Five (5) Jewel Cases. The First Five (5) Who Send An Email With The Right Amount Of Eggs (This One Counts Already) Wins A Jewel Case Of Our Debut-Album „Not Grayed At All“. The Next Six (6) To Ten (10) Participants Will Get An Exclusive Digital Download Code Of Our Jewel Case. Following Eleven (11) to Twenty (20) People Are Getting 50% Discount Of All Our Shop Items. Redeemable With A Special Coupon Code. All Other Participants With Not The Correct Answer Are Getting 25% Discount On All Our Shop Items. Participation Is Worthwile. Explore Our Website and Find All „Easter Eggs“ . (All Eggs Count Here)

  • Search All „Easter Eggs“, By Exploring Our Website
  • First Five Emails With The Right Amount Of Win A Jewel Case
  • Next Five Emails ( 6 – 10 ) With The Right Amount Of „Easter Eggs“ Win A Redeemable Download Code
  • Next Ten Emails ( 11 – 20 ) With The Right Amount Of „Easter Eggs“ Win A 50% Discount Coupon Code For All Items In Our Shop
  • All Other Participans Are Getting 25 % Discount Coupon Code For All Items In Our Shop
  • MAILTO: satinwhite.music@gmail.com

Interpretation Of This Event Is The Responsibility Of SATIN WHITE. No Legal Claims. No Guarantee.

All Participans Will Be Notified By Email. Easter Special Event Starts On 27 MARCH 2022, Ends On 19 APRIL 2022. We Wish Everybody Good Luck And A Lots Of Fun

Each email we receive is counted and can only be entered once